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Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Western-based massage techniques are familiar to most and utilize oils or lotion to work soft tissues of the body. Specifically, Swedish massage improves lymphatic and blood circulation while bringing about deep relaxation. Slow, deep tissue work is meant to gently separate the fascia covering muscles from their fibrous surface. Moreover, the therapeutic effect of this style is a deep structural realignment and restoration of balance in the body.Our team of San Jose/ Santa Clara based massage therapists will provide you with the highest quality therapeutic massage service.

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Thai Massage Therapy

Traditional Thai massage is a medical massage practiced very slowly with emphasis on deep stretching and pinpointed energy channel activation. Often described as a private passive yoga session, this style of massage is unfamiliar to many. Thai massage practitioners utilize their feet, knees, elbows, and forearms extensively during treatment, which takes place on a padded floor mat. Being a meditative type of massage, Thai massage is quite harmonizing to the body, mind and spirit. Our team of San Jose / Santa Clara based massage therapy specialists provide the highest quality Thai massage.

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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage that focuses deep and targets specific muscle groups. Chronic patterns of tension in the muscles, tendons and fascia are worked to restore the body's optimum alignment, release muscle tension, increase range of motion and release toxins. 

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Tui Na MassageTherapy

This ancient Chinese style of massage and manipulation helps blood and energy circulate freely in order to relieve pain and balance the bodily systems. The use of massage oils or lotion and disrobing are unnecessary in this style of bodywork. Warm-up techniques such as rolling, kneading, and grasping increase circulation and bring heat to the body surface. Deeper massage with thumb pressing, finger springing, and plucking techniques attack the source of discomfort and draw attention to painful/injured areas. Creating some micro-tears in tissue and muscle fibers with these techniques initiates self-healing processes. Using the principles of Chinese channel theory and knowledge of joint structure, Tui Na can increase joint mobility; disperse knotted muscle fibers; and relieve muscular, joint, and nerve-related pain. Our team of San Jose / Santa Clara based massage therapy specialists provide the highest quality Tui Na massage.

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Foot Reflexology

A micro-system of the human body can be mapped entirely on the foot. Receiving forty-five to sixty minutes of focused footwork has positive effects on the endocrine, nervous, and digestive systems of the body. With emphasis on relaxation and stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, foot reflexology brings a great sense of tranquility and peacefulness to the body, mind and spirit. Working out hard, tense, and tight areas on the foot also has a cleansing effect and helps the body clear toxins. In general, foot reflexology can be quite rejuvenating and is appropriate for the high-stress individual. Our team of San Jose /Santa Clara based message therapists can create a foot reflexology program that is right for you.

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